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4.8 out of 5 stars

  • As a true Harry Potter fanatic, it was amazing to become a Hogwarts student for Halloween night of 25 years. What a magical experience that I will never forget!!

  • Awesome interactive experience for kids and adults. If you can get tickets: GO !! Friendly and helpful event staff all smiles even in the cold and rain. And yes they have mobility scooters if you need one. Reservation by email is preferred for the scooters. Dee In Texas.

  • This experience was so magical! Casting a patronus was definitely the favorite part with all in our group!

  • One of the best experiences of our lives, we're going again for my husband's birthday in January 😁 Also we brought our own wands and they do work with some of their activities and in fact you'll want to bring them if you want to do some spellcasting for fun at the end (like Colovaria, Incendio, and Bombarda). This is just so much fun if you're a Potterhead, we've been recommending this to everyone. Go while it's here!

  • A wonderful experience to share with your favorite wizard. Takes you through all your favorite Harry Potter scenes. Plenty of spell casting. Every moment was loads of fun.

  • This is an awesome event. The lights and sets are amazing as well as the interactive experiences throughout the walk. You have to listen to the story as you walk along and take your time to really look at your surroundings. There are things happening all around you and you don’t want to miss some of the special effects. I went with friends and family and we all loved the experience. It is a must for all Harry Potter fans.

  • For a true harry potter fun it's cute and they have great options for photo ops and souvenirs. I had butterbeer and some snacks based from the movies/books. They also have some photo ops for Fantastic Beasts fans too!!

  • 10/10 every Harry Potter fan in the area should check this event out.

  • Cool event! I was impressed with the production. Definitely didn't feel like I was in Little Elm anymore. Cute for a date night and cute for the kids! We had Butterbeer with a little "adult magic".

  • The whole experience was amazing! The set up, the atmosphere, the light, the sounds, the movie playing, just everything was perfect! Potter fans don’t miss out on this amazing experience. I can’t even begin to explain how worth the experience is! Well done to everyone who made this come alive!

  • This was sooooo much fun! Im glad they brought something like this to the area. I went with my nephew and he had an amazing time. My nephews favorite part was the patronus interactive (mine too).

  • Loved it soo much! The lighting and music filling the forest was worth the price of admission. But then there were interactive scenes and a village with food, drinks, and merch to buy. Quite the holiday outing, for sure! I hope to go back before it leaves.

  • Utterly magical experience! I went on a cold rainy night with my son and thought it may be ruined. The weather only enhanced the experience! Great effects! Great sounds and ambience! Would go again in a heart beat!

  • I thought this was going to be for kids and die hard fans but it was fun, nostalgic, and magical. They did very good portraying the Forbidden Forest. The interactive walk with a little spiked Syltherin hot cocoa was top notch. Definitely recommend! Be prepared for all the Harry Potter swag at the end of the walk.

  • It was cold and raining the day we went but I feel like it gave it the Prisoner of Azkaban sense so it was great! I loved the interactive parts and made me feel like we were in the forbidden forest from the movie.

  • For 90 minutes I left planet earth and went to Harry Potter Land. The music props and lights as well as willing enthusiastic participants took me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Texas. It was pricey but worth it to me. I'd probably do this again because I'm such a fan of the series and music.

  • It's a great family & friend experience!! Definitely enjoyed the interactive activities and seeing the familiar scenes from the books and movies. Would recommend to Potter fans!!

  • My girlfriend and I enjoyed our time here. The entire event was very well managed. No long waits, no issues with parking. The experience itself was great. It really seemed like I was walking through the Forbidden Forest like the movies. A very great event for family.