Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Cheshire Reviews

What people think about the experience

4.8 out of 5 stars

  • Katy H.

    The most amazing experience, it was my 2nd time visiting and I will definitely visit again!

  • Lauren C.

    Amazing! Waited a year to do this. So beautiful. Well organized. Laid out well. Was a Christmas present for my dad and he loved it so I’m sooooo happy!

  • Lizzie K

    So well done! Worth the money and the drive. The Forbidden Forest will not be easily beaten.

  • Zalaika R.

    Had a Fantastic time with my family at the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest experience. I went for the second time and really enjoyed the experience. The staff was very friendly. Thank you so much!

  • Christa G

    This was beautifully laid out and organized. Friendly helpful staff and facilities were available at the start, middle, and end to make it a very child/senior-friendly event.

  • Nicola H.

    Well organized event, not overcrowded, plenty of photo opportunities.

  • Judy T

    To me it was a very magical place, just like the movie. An awesome imagination experience. I felt like I was in the actual Forbidden Forest. I definitely love everything about it, the food, can't start a walk without a butterbeer, it is always a must. I hope is a yearly thing, I would love to go again!!

  • Stuart B.

    What a great experience. Even the weather couldn’t detract from the magic. We all loved it. Daughter says it’s a forever memory. The staff was helpful and kind. Will be back.

  • Rachel T

    Absolutely amazing experience!! Loved it all! Very interactive, lots to see and so many photo opportunities! Do not need kids to enjoy this experience. It is a must visit for all.

  • Mark V

    Absolutely amazing, an amazing calm and beautiful walk. even though the event was sold out you didn't feel pushed or really have to queue to take pictures or participate.

  • Zoe P

    A fantastic experience! 10/10 would recommend to any Harry Potter fan! So much to see and interact with.

  • Chris N.

    Enjoyed the experience, the shops were awesome and the food was amazing.

  • Emily C.

    Brilliant and very immersive experience. So much fun. Fantastic for a Harry Potter fan.

  • Ray K

    Absolutely magical! felt like I myself was Harry Potter throughout this lovely venture walk! Coming back next week.

  • Ryan H

    Absolutely amazing experience, 2nd year in a row we’ve done this and will be doing it again next year! Well worth the visit, absolutely magical!

  • Vivian W.

    Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forrest was amazing! It’s a must-see for all Harry Potter fans!

  • Gemma O.

    A brilliant, magnificent and spell-binding experience. I highly recommend this to all Harry Potter fans.

  • Chiara K.

    An incredible experience from start to finish! Well worth the trip from London.